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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Powder Brush
A luxurious oversized brush with an ultra elegant feel is designed for pressed or loose powder application.

Blush Brush
A Classic tapered brush on both sides that allows for the perfect blending control.

Sponge Brush
A large sponge applicator that takes all the guess work out of blending.

Large Contour
Perfect for applying shadow to the entire eye for a smooth result every time.

Small Contour
For the placement of medium to darker shadows in the crease. We do not recommend blending with this brush. This brush is very popular for applying concealer.

Fluff Brush
This elegant, lid-sized brush gives your powdered eye shadow a smooth application without dusting.

Eyeliner Brush
A small brush, rounded to a point, was designed to give a perfect line every time. Apply wet or dry.

Tiny Angle Brow
A stiff, hard brush designed specifically for creating the perfect eyebrow shape. A trick of the trace that makeup artists use.

Silver Pull Apart Lip Brush
This sleek pull apart lip brush, for the application of lip color, is fabulous for people on the go.

Spooly Mascara
To groom eyelashes after applying mascara and also to brush stray eyebrow hair.

Small Flocked Sponge
A small, flocked sponge brush used in the application of eyeshadow.

Squirrel Precision Blender
A very popular brush for the blending of eyeliner and applying coloration around the eye area.

Squirrel Precision Crease
This squirrel brush is recommended for the placement of shadow in the hard to reach crease of the eye, for a more intense smokey look.

Squirrel Angle
This mistake-proof, angled squirrel brush adds a bit more color to the outer corner of the eye, creating a soft sexy look.

Oval Contour Blender
This unique shaped brush is designed for contouring the eyes and face.

All Over Blender
The name describes it all. This ultra elegant brush blends all your colors to give a polished yet natural look. Simply blend and glow! A must have for your brush collection.

Metal Lash Comb
This finely tapered precision comb helps define and separate your lashes after mascara application.

Brow Lash Brush
A duo brush used to comb clumpy lashes and unruly eyebrows.

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