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What is Collagen

Friday, August 3, 2007

Collagen is a protein. It is mainly found in the dermis, the layer below epidermis (top layer) of the skin. This collagen in the dermis supports the epidermis. Without the support of collagen the epidermis would collapse on the muscles and bones. The collagen gives us the plump and young look. Collagen forms the structure on which the epidermis rests. You can think of pillars in a building that support the roof. Collagen does similarly to support the epidermis.

Why collagen breaks down? As we age, the collagen begins breaking down. Sun is the main culprit. As the collagen breaks, the skin develops wrinkles. The skin sags. In the youth collagen is replaced fast. But as we age, this replacement becomes slow. So there is insufficient collagen in the dermis and we begin looking old.

How do wrinkles form? Wrinkles form as we age. Our face begins aging soon after we cross our twenties. It begins with fine lines on the face. As we age, the fine lines become deeper. At the same time our facial expression makes permanent changes in the skin. We develop laugh lines, lines on the forehead, etc. As we age the collagen that is the main constituent of our dermis begins breaking down.

No wonder, my beautician keeps on telling me to add collagen every time I did my facial treatment.

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