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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sun protection is simply guarding yourself and others from the adverse effects of sunlight. The best form of protection is sun protective clothing, that has been manufactured using textiles that have been independently rated to block out as much harmful UV as possible.

Part of the sun's energy that reaches us on earth is composed of rays of invisible ultraviolet light. When ultraviolet light rays enter the skin, they damage the skin cells, causing visible and invisible injuries. Ultraviolet light rays also cause invisible damage to skin cells. Some of the injury is repaired, but some of the cell damage adds up year after year.

Some people may need to take particular care because of photosensitivity. You should also be careful to protect your skin if you are at high altitude in any season, particularly when in the snow because it reflects extra ultraviolet radiation onto your skin. Although skin cancer is rare in the young, the damaging effects of the sun's rays add up over time. Clothing provides a barrier between UV rays and the skin.

Severe sunburn or continued exposure to the sun early on in life may be related to skin cancer later in life. The sun's rays can cause damage when they reflect off a light surface, such as sand, water or snow. Altitude can also affect the intensity of the sun's rays. Squamous cell skin cancers can spread to other parts of the body if they are not treated early.

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