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"Love Moon" Anion Sanitary Napkin

Friday, October 10, 2008

Have you heard of "Love Moon" Anion Sanitary Napkin? Actually, this product was introduced by my beautician the other day. Sounds interesting so I bought 1 pack for myself just to give it a try. To cut it short, let me tell you a bit about this product.

This product is the world's first patented sanitary product. It is known to everyone and is a necessity to every woman i.e. sanitary napkin. According to WHO's report, the risk of women affected by vaginal infections are as high as 83% and out of which 62% are caused by using poor quality sanitary napkins.

Common symptoms of bacteria infections during menstruation are slight fever, external vaginal inflammation, itchy skin, vaginal, cervical & endometrial inflammation, excessive white discharge and searing heat and abdomen pain which may lead to gynaecological diseases.

The benefits of anions to health
The anions present in the air possess electrodes which produces low electricity and this can easily attached to the surface of bacteria which resulted in the elimination and suppress the multiplication of bacteria, thus achieving the effects of bacteria eradication and sterilisation.

What can this sanitary napkin do to you?
It can reduce stress, treating inflammation, strengthening immunity, enhances hormonal balance, removing fatigue, enchances metabolism, eradicate odour, and eliminating harmful bacteria.

If you want to know more about this sanitary napkin, search for "Love Moon" anion sanitary napkin from the net.

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