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Product Review: Elianto Shimmer And Aurora Shadows

Friday, February 20, 2009

I've always wanted to try on Elianto's makeup. Elianto, which means "sunflower" in Italian, showcases a unique world of beauty with irresistible range of high-quality, naturally-inspired skin care and makeup at affordable prices. It is a popular Korean makeup nowadays apart from Skin Food and The Face Shop. I've used some of Elianto and The Face Shop products. The picture below shows some of Elianto and The Face Shop products from a good friend of mine, Yanty Teo, to me as a gift on my birthday!!

Elianto and The Face Shop review1. The Face Shop's Happy Blossom Oriental Flower Body Lotion

2. Elianto's Pomegranate Lip & Eye Make Up Remover
(To my surprise, it actually works quite well at removing eye makeup, even waterproof makeup)

3. Elianto's Pomegranate Fruit Yogurt Foam Cleanser

4. Elianto's Make Up Cleansing Tissue

5. The Face Shop's Collagen Essential Mask Sheet
(The concentrations of collagen in this gentle mask sheet are effectively absorbed into skin to leave it firm and hydrated)

Now, let me show you what I bought over the weekend. I bought/selected 9 different colours of shadows (except for the Mauve - Sparkle Shadow) from Elianto. And, I also bought Elianto's 10 refills palette for just RM 17.00, which is blank palettes. I press all the shadows into the palettes including the Mauve Sparkle Shadow. I am really amazed by Elianto's makeup colors. Most of their eye makeup are sold as refills. These eye colours are between RM5.50 (Shimmer Shadow) to RM8.00 (Arora Shadow) each. I love how shimmery and sheer everything is! Love the palettes coz it makes me feel like a real makeup artist :-) All in all, it only cost me RM71.50.

The difference between Shimmer Shadow and Aurora Shadow

Shimmer Shadow is the fine eye colour powder that create natural shading for daily make up look. Dap on the powder on eyelid with make-up brush or finger tip and gently blend it over evenly.

Aurora Shadow
is the microfined eye colour powder, ultra-fine powder with excellent smooth texture, and good blending properties, thus build the intensive longwearing colour finishing. Its glamour, shining and sparkling! You can gently dap on eyelid, smudge it along eyelid to intended effect or apply it as base colour hightlight.

Top Left to Right:
1. Lime Green (Shimmer Shadow)
2. Hot Blue (Shimmer Shadow)
3. Misty Grey (Shimmer Shadow)
4. Crystal Plum (Shimmer Shadow)
5. Electric Blue (Shimmer Shadow)

Lower Left to Right:
1. Black Chocolate (Aurora Shadow)
2. Golden Days (Aurora Shadow)
3. Peach Pink (Shimmer Shadow)
4. Mauve (Sparkle Shadow)
5. Nude Pink (Shimmer Shadow)

I noticed that some of the eye colours are a little bit of chalky and powdery and shimmery at the same time. The picture below shows swatches of all the eye colours. The girl at the counter told me that the eyeshadows can actually be foiled (mix with a little bit of water) to give eyes a more dramatic look... (it sounds like MAC pigments)

swatches of elianto eye colours

Picture below shows after the foiling technique.

swatches of elianto eye coloursOverall, it is affordable and it has variety of eye colours. But, the shadows didn't last very long per application.

Sorry about the blurred picture!

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