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Far Infrared Sauna Heat Therapy

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Now you can enjoy the benefits through far infrared sauna heat therapy at West Coast Saunas. They are committed to providing superior Far Infrared Saunas in the United States and Canada at prices that will allow anyone to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a far infrared sauna in their own home.

Far Infrared Sauna is better than regular heat in a conventional sauna. This is because far infrared heat directly penetrates the body's tissues to a depth of over 1½ inches. It reaches right into the muscle to soothe and relax naturally and safely. The energy output of a far infrared sauna is tuned to correspond so closely to the body's own radiant energy that our bodies absorb close to 93% of the infrared waves that reach our skin.
A conventional steam sauna relies only on indirect heat: The skin must absorb the heat out of the surrounding air. With Far Infrared heat and our unique Carbon Wave 360 Panels, less than 20% of the far infrared energy heats the air, leaving over 80% available to be directly converted to heat within our bodies.
Infrared Saunas assist with and/or alleviate symptoms of the following:

Pain Relief
Weight Loss
Increases Extensibility of Collagen Tissue
Joint Stiffness
Increases Blood Flow
Menopausal Symptoms
Detoxification of the Body

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