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Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clip-In Human Hair Extensions3 pcs clips on hair extension

Clip-In Human Hair ExtensionsPicture shows 2 clip-in hair extensions (Size: 10cm x 42cm)

Having hair extensions can be a great alternative to growing your hair out. Not everyone wants to spend the time or money in a hair salon, so temporary clip-in extensions are a great alternative. But how do you get them to look professional, natural, and stay in your hair? Check out this video by steffistricks.

Clip-in hair extension can give you the 'celebrity look' without worries. It is DIY (do it yourself) and totally reusable. With this hair extension, you can actually comb, dye, cut, curl, and straighten it... Sounds interesting, ya... Why? Because it's REAL hair and it's not synthetic.

Where do I buy it?
You can get it from beauty blogger - Blush Berry. Here's the link.

1 What say u? :

facekraft said...

these clip on hair extensions are very useful..however it's best to use good quality ones such as real human hair and clips that have more hair so that you dont have to use too many should also be the same as your hair colour!

May 20, 2009 at 5:14 PM