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Kate Mascara Base

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kate Mascara BaseI have thin and short straight lashes and hard to curl. And, this is the best product I have found so far that keeps my stubborn lashes lifted and curled throughout the day. This mascara base offers more volume, more length and more curl. I really dragged my feet in trying this product and I'm not sure why. I've tried MAC primer but it doesn't hold the curl and I admit I used to curl my lashes again and again after using mascara.

How do I apply?

Kate Mascara Base1. Curl eyelashes

Kate Mascara Base2. Apply Kate Mascara Base. You know what? You decide the length you want! Now it's time for the trick! Using the end of the mascara base wand, touch just the tips of your top lashes with mascara base. Be sure to get the lashes at the outer corners of your eyes. Let dry for few minutes.

Kate Mascara Base3. Last but not least, apply your favourite mascara as usual to the entire length of your lashes. Can you see the difference now? The results: Long, thick, volume and curl! Your eyes will pop! Don't worry, it can be easily removed.

Eyelash model: Cammy (my sister)

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