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Product Review: The Body Shop Glow Enhancer

Friday, August 21, 2009

I had The Body Shop Glow Enhancer in Pink and Natural shade. The Body Shop is currently doing a special promotion. But for this product, they offer buy 1 free 1. I heard alot about this product and decided to buy and can't wait to try it out. It's a moisturizing liquid luminizer that comes in a thin and clear 25ml tube.

The Body Shop Glow Enhancer
Here's a quick review of
The Body Shop Glow Enhancer:

This product has a nice subtle glow effect on the skin. The effect is minimal and it gives a very soft glow. It can be applied before or after foundation, or mix both at the same time. It can be also used before or after moisturizer or mix them together followed by foundation. Whichever comes first, it's all up to you!!! I usually mix the Glow Enhancer together with my liquid foundation. As a result, my skin becomes dry within an hour. The good thing is, the nice thin subtle glow effect on the skin can be seen obviously but hardly lasts for the whole day. I've tried another way, ei apply Glow Enhancer after foundation/makeup. This one makes my skin break!! My skin dries up even more faster and only have a short slight luminous glow. I also wear it before and after moisturizer just to get additional moisture, it still gets dry easily. I'm quite disappointed with this product and definitely will not repurchase it!! For me, it's not a glow enhancer at all!!!

Get it here:
The Body Shop Glow Enhancer Shade 03 Tinted

2 What say u? :

Svetlana said...

hi!thank you very much for post on this product-wanted to buy and hesitated - im not very advanced in shimmering products.may i ask you for advise - do you know any products for cheeks and face in general with high glowing effect (transparent or very fair with tendency to sallowness) for going out at night?what about Brilliance Powder by Bodyshop?thanks a lot in advance!(i follow your blog on facebook :)

August 19, 2010 at 5:05 PM
Putty said...

Hi Svetlana,

First of all, thanks for following my blog on FB. Really appreciate that! About the question you asked, u can try MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Soft And Gentle. You will love it!! Trust me!! Check out this link:

August 20, 2010 at 9:02 AM