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Nail Art Pen and Brush

Friday, August 7, 2009

Recently, I found a nail polish that comes with nail art pen at a local store here. It is called In 2 Nails - Nail Art Pen & Brush in black colour. It's for painting and drawing nail art designs.

Here's a quick review about this product:

It's a long wearing formula and dries up in 60 seconds. It has a beautiful high shine, too... You can do your nail art designs using the tip of the art pen or you can just polish your nails with the applicator paint brush. To use pen art, just remove the cap of the bottle by pulling upward and squeeze the bottle to fill the nib with nail paint. Clean the nib as required by using the cleaning pin provided which is attached to the bottom of the bottle. To use the applicator paint brush is easy, just unscrew it! I like the art pen because it's easy to control and draw precise lines. I'm not sure how many colours available but when I was there at the store, there were only white and black in colour.

In 2 Nails - Nail Art Pen & Brush

In 2 Nails - Nail Art Pen & BrushThis is one of my favorite designs (inspired by julieg713 and s2pandapple). I did my nail designs last night using the art pen.

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