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Kate Super Sharp Liner

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kate Super Sharp EyelinerI'm starting to love Kate products (sub-brand of Kanebo) and have been pleased with their products that I have tried. One of them is Kate super sharp eyeliner and I really like it very much!! It's super easy to use and to draw even for the first timer because of the super-sharped brush. You can actually define the line to be thinner or thicker. It doesn't smudge (even in humid weather) and it's waterproof, too. It stays on the whole day!! I bought the black color and use it almost everyday now. But, the color is not dark enough. I have to apply another time in order to make the color more darker!! Sometimes, the ink does not flow smoothly in the middle of drawing and I have to wait a bit before continuing. To remove it, I don't have problem with it. Overall, I like the whole idea of the eyeliner and will definitely keep buying this until they come up with a better product.

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