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Homemade Acne Treatments

Friday, May 14, 2010

I found an interesting article about homemade acne treatments right from your own kitchen. Homemade remedies (for acne) are considered much better than drugs, less risky, no side effects and cheaper. For those who have acne problems, I think this article might be useful. Check it out!

1. Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize
The very basic step starts by ensuring that your skin is free of all impurities. Dirt is a home to acne and pimples. Usually open pores invite dirt and dirt converts to black heads. Black heads when inflame result in acne completing the whole breakout cycle. Thoroughly cleansed skin will prevent breakouts, toning will close opened pores and moisturizing will leave your skin fresh and healthy.

2. Use sugar as a scrub
After washing face with a mild face, wash rub wet face with sugar grains. This will act as a scrub as the grains will exfoliate and dislodge impurities from the pores. Wash off face again with cold water. Continue for two weeks to get good results.

3. Paste of turmeric powder, neem leaves and sandalwood powder
Grind neem leaves and mix with 1tsp sandalwood powder and ½ tsp turmeric powder. Add milk or rose water to smooth the consistency. Make a thick paste and apply on the acne. Let it dry on the affected areas and then rinse off. Turmeric powder has magical antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties whereas neem leaves will act as good astringent. Sandal wood will moisturize the skin making this mask work wonders for your skin.

4. Apply grated potato
Grate potato and apply on the whole face. Potato used as a poultice is a good absorbent and will remove dirt and oils from your skin. Side by side it will also free you from problems such as dark circles, puffy eyes, wrinkles, blemishes and acne marks.

5. Cinnamon Powder and honey
Make a paste of cinnamon powder and honey mixed in the ratio of 1 is to 3 respectively. Apply on the face overnight and wash with lukewarm water next morning. Cinnamon's antimicrobial properties will help fight pimples whereas honey will add glow to the skin.

6. Cucumber Juice with Rose Water or Lemon Juice
Apply cucumber juice mixed with rose water with the help of a cotton ball on the face, if you have normal or combinational skin. If your skin is oily add ½ tsp lemon juice as well. Cucumber juice is a very god astringent and apart from cleansing your skin it will also tighten the pores while retaining the moisture content.

7. Orange Peel
Rub a fresh orange peel on the affected areas. You can also grind it, mix with a few drops of water and then apply on the face. Keep it on for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash off. Citric acid and vitamin C in the orange will refresh your skin and gradually relieve you of acne.

8. Paste of Oatmeal and Rose water
Make a paste of oatmeal with rose water and scrub your face with it. It will absorb all the extra oils and clean the skin of all impurities. Replace rosewater with lemon juice if your skin is too oily and fresh milk if you have a dry skin.

9. Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree oil is an antiseptic and fungicide. Mix one teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil with a quarter glass of water. Dab a cotton pad and apply on your face. Let it dry and don’t rinse off. If you find it strong you can increase the amount of water. Moisturize your skin afterwards.

10. Exercise regularly and Drink a lot of Water
All the external applicants will be completely ineffective if you skip this. Regular exercise will increase healthy blood flow and release toxins from your body that create acne. Regular hydration through at least 8-10 glasses of water will do the same. However, make sure that you regularly cleanse your skin after sweating to avoid clogging of pores again.


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