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Going Green And Saving Money On Engagement

Friday, June 11, 2010

If you're looking at buying a diamond in this economy for your sweetheart, and finding it too expensive - take heart! You can do your part to save the earth, and save some money too. This doesn't mean you have to go out and buy a fake diamond, as that may be great for the planet, but bad for your love life. Instead, you can discuss it with your sweetheart and make green choices that are right for both of you.

Engagement Rings Without Diamonds

Diamonds weren't always the stone of choice for an engagement ring. Many brides, in the past, chose rings with other types of precious stones, from sapphires and rubies to emeralds. These stones can be less expensive than diamonds, in some cases. If your sweetheart isn't sold on a diamond ring, there's no reason she can't opt for a different gemstone.

Opt For A Vintage Ring

If you have a vintage diamond ring in your family gathering dust, why not recycle it when adding a new member to your family? Vintage diamond rings are often highly appreciated, not just for their sentimental value, but also for their beauty. It can also save quite a bit of money and help you do your part to save the earth by recycling some of the precious resources that have already been used.

Recycle An Old Setting

Maybe you have an old gold setting that would be perfect as a diamond ring. Have a jeweler recycle the old setting and add a new gemstone. Gold is at all time high prices and you can save a bundle recycling an old ring setting. If it has a cute family story attached to it too, all the better. It's a way of combining the old with the new, saving money, and making a statement about your green values - all in one shot.

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