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Product Review: DUO Adhesive

Friday, November 12, 2010

"A safe, latex adhesive to use with M·A·C Lashes and all M·A·C body decoration" - MAC

So far, DUO Adhesive (picture above) is the best lash glues I've ever used and it can be found at MAC stores (please don't confuse this as DON, which can be found at Sasa, because it looks more or less like DUO). I'm not sure how good DON is as I haven't tried it yet!
Now, going back to DUO, it has two tone versions - clear and dark. Somehow, MAC stores in Malaysia don't carry the dark tone version and I don't know why that is! So, I have no choice but to buy the clear tone version. Why do I like this product? Because it's white-colored glue that dries almost clear (even if you use a lot ) and it works amazingly well! The glue lasts all day and won't come off until you remove it. The packaging gets clogged with dried glue, but it's easy to pull the dry piece out.

Ingredients and how to apply/remove: 
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MAC DUO Adhesive for Falselashes Full size 1/2 oz. Made in USA

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