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BT Nail: Nail Polish That Cracks!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Have you heard of BT Nail nail polish? If you are a person who dares to be different, then try this out! I'm not sure how long the product has been in the market. But what I know is I'm so obsessed with it! I've had these nail polish colors in no. 13, 33, and 35 a while ago which I bought from a local shopping complex here. Its kind of creative and fun! It's a Taiwan product and it's sold in and around Asia. How it works? Check out the video below:

First of all, brush on nail polish color as base. You may not need a special base coat for this to work. Then, apply the BT Nail color over the nail and allow about 5 seconds for the color to crack. As you can see, as it dries for about few seconds after application, the cracks have already formed throughout the lacquer. The cracking completes within minutes. I think it looks absolutely awesome! Lastly, apply another coat preferably clear color on the entire top. You can also use glitter polish over your design to make a shimmering finish.

My own design ^_^

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