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Product Review: Kracie Epilat Hair Removing Body Cream

Monday, August 5, 2013

Kracie Epilat Hair Removing Body Cream (Roll On) 100ml
I ordered Kracie Epilat Hair Removing Body Cream few months ago in an attempt to get rid of massive loads of hair painlessly. It is made in Japan. This product works really well actually, but you must use the correct amount in the area where you want to remove hair and leave it for 10 mins as per instruction (but I normally leave it for longer time ei. 15-20 mins). After that, wipe off the cream with cotton (at the same time, your hair will be removed as well) and rinse off with lukewarm water. The thing I like about this product is, it leaves my skin clean and smooth, totally hairless, no razor burn and zero irritation after that. So far, I have not experienced any burning sensation or rash ever since I use this product. So, I'm quite happy with the results. About the smell, it's like when you're in a hair salon, you've already experienced it.

How To Use
The roller is actually designed for easy and convenience, with no pain. This product contains chamomile extracts let your skin pores cleaner, more compact and will not irritate. Seaweed extract natural moisturizing formula to prevent peel off after the hair removal. It also contains amino acids and minerals nourishing ingredients to leave you with smooth baby skin either on your leg, hand or armpit.

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