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Proper Way to Apply Perfume

Monday, September 22, 2014

Almost all women and men are fond of wearing perfume. Wearing perfume can somewhat increase the look and confidence because you know that you smell wonderful. But, how to make perfume scent lasts longer? Knowing the right way to apply perfume helps ensure the best possible result.

There are several ways you can maintain to make perfume scent lasts longer:

1. Apply Perfume Right After Shower 
Apply perfume right after shower is the best way to maintain its scent. You don't want to stain your clothes and jewelry, do you? Remember that some perfumes can stain clothes and jewelry easily. If you use perfume directly on the body, it will be activated by the body's natural heat. Therefore, the fragrant smell will remain much longer. So, spritz some on your skin after drying off and before putting on your clothes. 

2. Spray, Rather Than Rubbing 
It is not recommended to rub perfume because the act of brushing can destroy the scent molecules, resulting in a distinct odor. Instead, just spray perfume, about 15-25 cm from the skin. Lightly-sprayed smell will spread evenly on the body. 

3. Where To Spray? 
Ever wonder why people put perfume on their wrists and neck? These are your body's "pulse points" (your inner arms and the backs of your knees and ears are the others). Pulse points emit the most heat, allowing the perfume to diffuse out from the body. However, less is more. You don't want to over spray, so pick one or two key places and spritz each one once or twice. 

4. Moisten The Skin Before Applying
Scientific studies show perfume smells more lasting on oily skin, as compared to dry skin. Many people look at an oily skin as a problem, but it has the advantage of which it can retain the smell of perfume longer. Therefore, if you have dry skin, moisten first or you can apply unscented lotion before spraying. Perfume lasts longer when your skin is hydrated. 

5. Save Fragrance In The Right Place 
Protect your perfume from moisture, heat and light. Preferably a place that is a cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. Moreover, buy perfume spray bottle is encouraged as it will help to prevent evaporation and aroma chemical reaction to air.

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