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How to Curl Hair with Hair Straightener

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

1. Start with clean and completely dry hair.

2. Use a small amount of Sedu heat protectant product (or similar product) to protect your hair from the extra heat you will be using to style it. Starting at the ends of your hair, distribute the product throughout your hair with your fingers.

3. Choose a flat iron (Straightener) that is slim - the width of the iron will determine the size of the curl. (The plate width should be less than 2 inch)

4. Once the iron has reached the desired temperature, take a small section of hair and place the iron towards the root of your hair.

5. With your other hand, wrap the section of hair once around the iron and slowly drag the iron through your hair - similar to the way you would curl a ribbon with scissors.

6. After the iron is all the way pulled through your hair, use your fingers to twirl the hair into a curl.

7. Separate the curls with your fingers - but do NOT brush them out - and then spritz with a light mist of your favorite hairspray to set the style.

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