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Should I Wear Thongs?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Should you wear thongs or not? Most who wear thongs argue that they have certain advantages: more comfortable, no mark under the clothes (it's ugly to see the drawings with flowers) when wearing breeches, makes you look thinner, the boyfriend prefers that, and your friends - girls - are jealous when they see you with it.

At the same time, teenagers should not rush the decision. Because most of their idols are beautiful and sexy, so it is difficult for teenagers not to want to look like them. Teenage girls want to become women, and as fast as possible and thongs come in small sizes too.

"In the eyes of boys, thongs reduce girls to bottoms," former junior education minister Segolene Royal said. "These adolescents are, sadly, a reflection of the society they are sold - a society where women's bodies are shown off like vulgar merchandise," he said.

In addition, the increased friction on the vaginal area can be irritating - especially if it is shaved.

In summary, thongs are sexy and trendy, but teenagers should avoid wearing them at early age (if you are only 14, just wait a bit longer).

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