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How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One could argue that the eyes are the most important feature of the face. Here's the tips and tricks to make your eyes pop.

First, choose a soft, neutral shadow color. I recommend walnut browns and heather grays for light skin and honey browns or medium-dark browns for darker skin. You don't want to use a color that is too deep or striking or one that contrasts too much with your natural skin tone. (Darker, brighter colors make eyes look smaller.)

Look in the mirror; now place your pointer finger horizontally against your eye where the crease meets the brow bone (the inside of your finger should be touching the side of your nose). This will be your guideline for shadow placement.

Using an eye shadow brush with a longish flat head (about the size of your pinky nail), place the eye shadow horizontally across your eye, at the crease and below the brow bone, following the line you made with your finger as a guide.

Continue to extend the color outward in the same horizontal way, just about half an inch or so beyond the ends of your eyes, blending outward.

Ideally, the ends, where you've extended the color should fade out and finally, entirely diminish. Think of the way a cloud of smoke disappears into nothingness.

Done correctly, this technique gives the illusion of lengthening and widening eyes, creating the appearance of larger eyes.


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