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Where I Get My MAC Samples

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Recently, I purchased 6 MAC pigment samples online (that was last month) and I only received it on the 17.11.08. I really liked all the colors!! Besides pigment samples, they also offer glitter samples and other MAC items for you to try out before committing to purchasing the full priced item. They also carry other brands besides MAC. The good thing is, when you buy from them, anything that's sold as samples will always be through using clean and sterilized equipment, as well as brand new sample jars and ziploc baggies. They sell 100% authentic MAC products.

Here are swatches I took:-

This is where I get my pigment samples: GirlMeetsMakeup. This store is open for Google Checkout payments only. For PayPal/Money Order, go to Shopallbeauty. They are one stop beauty shop for MAC pigment samples, paint pot samples, full size cosmetics, and more!

Actually there's a lot more sites doing the same thing and I thought I would pass these links along. You may want to check out Shopcraze, Starsmakeuphaven, Thebodyneeds, Cocodebody, and Flirtycosmetics.

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