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Product Review: MAC Fast Response Eye Cream

Thursday, December 24, 2009

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream reviewMAC Fast Response Eye Cream that contains caffeine is supposed to de-puffs, erases the look of dark circles, firms, soothes and softens skin around the eye. It has an instant effects but only temporary fix for the skin around the eye area. I just bought this and it did a great job of making my eyes appear less puffy but not my dark circles. I get puffy eyes in the morning and within minutes of applying this cream, the swelling has disappeared and it does bring them back to life! I apply this eye cream after toner. Just a little pearl size drop is enough for both eyes. Sometimes, I mix it with my MAC Select Cover-Up concealer and blend together. It really helps the concealer look less cakey and the area stays soft all day. A great base for under-eye concealer with its smooth texture and silky finish! It dries super fast, so you don't have to wait for it to dry before putting on your eye make-up. The eye area is back to normal after washing off this eye cream.

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