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How I Trim, Pluck, and Shape Eyebrow

Monday, December 27, 2010

I think our eyebrows are a very expressive part of the face. They can also easily highlight our facial features, like our eyes. Eyebrows look best when they are clean, trimmed and curved. This way, they are easier to groom, and appear clean, with any look (with or without makeup).

Here's What I Use

1. Eyebrow tweezer - for plucking

2. Eyebrow Scissor - for trimming

3. Eyebrow comb and brush

4. Mascara Wand

5. Eyebrow Pencil

How I Trim, Pluck, and Shape Eyebrow

Step 1
Decide on the shape of your brows. In my case, my face shape is square so the right eyebrow shape should be the first one (see below) ie. arched eyebrow.

Here are the eyebrow shapes according to your face shapes

a. Arched Eyebrow (Heart and Square face shapes)
b. Straight Eyebrow (Long Face, Triangle Face and Diamond Face Shape)
c. Angular Eyebrow (Round Face Shape)

Step 2
Trim eyebrows if necessary that is using an eyebrow comb and brush. Brush your eyebrows straight up/down, and if there are any hairs longer coming out of your natural shape, then you need to trim with eyebrow scissors.

Step 3
Start tweezing eyebrows (according to your face shapes). Hold skin taut and begin removing hairs making the arch by grasping tweezers near the base of the hair, pulling in the direction it grows removing the large, dark hairs first (you'll get fine hairs a bit later). Before removing any more hair on the first brow, put the second brow's arch in.

Step 4
Work on top then middle. If you're removing any hair from the top of the brow, be cautious. Only take what fine hairs are outside the shape, on the first brow and then the second. Next, remove the hair from the middle of the two brows that need to go.

Step 5
Stand back and take a look. Stand at a distance from the mirror to see if the brows are looking visually balanced so far.

Step 6
Once the shape is in, get close to the mirror and remove any fine, light hairs.

Step 7
Lastly, draw your eyebrow. Be sure the eyebrow pencil is sharp and is in a shade that matches your hair color.

The diagram below shows the basic eyebrow template to guide you to a better brow shape. This eyebrow template helps you find where your brows should start, end and arch. As you find each of these spots (a, b, and c) you mark it and then play dot-to-dot.

In my case, I use both brown (means my hair is dark brown color) and black for my eyebrow color. Start to draw your eyebrow at the outer and work towards the inner brow using brown eyebrow color. You might be wondering why I use black eyebrow color. I use black color just to draw both my eyebrows' edges. Check out the picture below to get clear picture of what I mean. Lastly, I use mascara wand to soften the inner eyebrow lines to make it appear more natural.


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