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Say Goodbye To Dark Underarms

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Home made skin bleach is the best and the most natural way to lighten your skin tone, thereby enhancing your beauty. Did you know that lime or lemon are natural bleach that lighten the skin? Yeah, they not only remove freckles/dark skin/acne or make your skin fairer, but also remove bad underarms odor.

I'm sure some people have problems with stubborn dark underarms. I always go for natural remedies as they are cheap, safe, effective and natural. I remembered grandma once told me that she used lime to rub her face and underarm everyday when she was little. No doubt she never had a dark underarm. She even encouraged us to use lime not only for underarms but also for face. That's why her face was smooth and fair as silk. Yeah, I always remember grandma's tips on beauty and they are always the best and useful even until today bringing some vintage wisdom to our beauty habits.

It's simple and easy! Just take a lime or lemon wedge and rub it in your underarms or affected areas for few minutes (preferably 5 minutes or more). That's it!! Do this before shower everyday. Be careful, don't rub too much or the skin will get damaged.

Good luck!

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