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Pre and Post Care for Underarm Waxing

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pre Underarm Waxing Care Tips 

There are only a couple of things that you will need to do to prepare to get your underarms waxed. You should exfoliate with a washcloth or gentle scrub a couple of days before you get your underarms waxed. That will help unblock the hair follicles, which will make waxing a lot less painful. If you have a lot of hair under your arms, then you may want to shave it or trim it down before you get it waxed. The hair will break above the root if it is too long. Waxing will also be more painful if the hair is too long. The hair should be about six millimetres, or a quarter of an inch long. It is important to note that hair cannot be waxed if it is too short.

You want to avoid wearing deodorant on the day of your waxing because that can cause irritation. If your tolerance for pain is low, then you may want to consider taking an anti-inflammatory medication before you get your underarms waxed. Anti-inflammatory medications not only reduce pain, but they can also reduce swelling.

Post Underarm Waxing Care Tips 

You should not wear deodorant for at least 24 hours after getting your underarms waxed. You may notice redness and stinging in your underarms after you get them waxed. If that occurs, then you may want to apply a cold compress to the area. You may also want to consider applying aloe vera to your underarms because that will help reduce irritation and redness. Because excessive sweating can irritate your newly waxed underarms, you should avoid engaging in exercise for at least 24 hours.

You should avoid washing your underarms with harsh soaps for at least 24 hours because that will also irritate the newly waxed skin. Waxing opens up the pores, which is why freshly waxed skin is more prone to infections. For that reason, you will want to avoid touching your underarms as much as possible for 24 hours because that can transfer bacteria to the area.

Additionally, you will need to wear loose shirts for at least 24 hours. Tight clothing can cause sweat to trap under the arms, which can cause irritation. You will need to wait between two and five weeks before you get your next underarm waxing. The amount of time that underarm waxing lasts can vary, but the results typically last between three and six weeks.

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