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Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Whether you wear makeup every day or are a “makeup is for special events only” kind of girl, here are some great makeup tips you should know to look your best every time you wear makeup. Why not whip out your makeup bag and practice your look now? You’re sure to have many parties and events to go to over the next few weeks, so it’s definitely worth topping up your cosmetics and getting in the mood.

Use concealer to hide your flaws 
Did you know that the right concealer can disguise a wide range of flaws? That’s right, when applied correctly it can cast a shadow over your bad bits and distract the eye. If you have a wide nose, for instance, all you need to do is apply a cosmetic that’s slightly darker than your skin tone down each side. This will draw attention the centre of your hooter and might help you put off booking rhinoplasty with a qualified surgeon for a while longer!

Highlight the contours of your face
If you quickly slap on blusher before running out the front door, you might want to think again. This product can add definition and colour to your face, so it’s a good idea to apply it carefully. To achieve a warm, winter glow - without looking like you've had a hot flush - start by brushing a light shade over the whole of your cheekbone. Once that’s done, use a deeper shade to accentuate the hollow of your face and blend the two products well. 

Make sure your eyes dazzle 
Whether you have bright blue eyes, or small brown eyes, you can make them dazzle. But how? The first thing to do is to apply white eyeliner to your waterline before blending using a cotton bud. This can really open up your features, so it’s definitely worth looking at some of the examples that can be found online. Next, cover the entire lid in a natural powder – right up to the eyebrow – before applying some glitter to the outer corners. Finally, curl your eyelashes and go over them with several coats of mascara to create the ultimate flick. 

Achieve soft, kissable lips
If you’re hoping to pucker up, soak your lips before gently exfoliating them to remove dead skin. To stop them from cracking, apply a little lip salve or Vaseline and leave let the product soak in for around thirty minutes. When the time has passed, use your favourite lip liner to add definition to your Cupid’s bow (insert explanation, but not the same as the others!!) before filling in the colour with a long-lasting lipstick. If you make a mistake, wet a cotton bud and use it to neaten up the outline before blotting any excess product. 

If you follow these makeup tips, you'll surely look perfect on any occasion.

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