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Review: Lucido-L Hair Designing Tube Hair Cream

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I love having long and curly hair. My hair is permed digitally for many years now. But, the only thing that I don't like about my hair is that it gets frizzy easily when it dries up or after blow-dry and it makes me look so untidy and unmanageable. So I needed something that can treat my hair condition. I also love trying new things that's why I ended up with this product. I've tried many products which is good for my own rating but this one seems to be so good and working really well.

Lucido-L Hair Designing Tube Hair Cream
Few weeks ago, I went to Guardian and spent a good one hour there just checking out which products is good for my hair condition and read every single detail of its description. I finally decided to try Lucido-L Hair Designing Tube Hair Cream. This product is affordable and available in most drugstore like Guardian and Watson. I'm sure some of you have heard of Lucido-L. It's a Japanese brand for hair styling. This product contains Panthenol (hair care ingredient) and light fragrance (green floral scent).

My frizzy hair without Lucido-L Hair Designing Tube Hair Cream

After application, my hair looks more manageable
What I like about this product is, it lasted me for the whole day without it looking dried out and my hair was just the way I looked when I walked out of my workplace. There's no sticky feeling and it has a natural glossy finish to it. It smells heavenly sweet and fresh and the curls look so natural and bouncy, too. I think people who have extremely dry and frizzy hair should get this product or at least try it. Will I repurchase this? Yes, absolutely. I will definitely repurchase it.

Manageable and bouncy looking
How to apply?
Spread a suitable amount onto your palm and rub into entire hair or hair ends. I concentrate on the areas where treatment needed and apply them generously at the edge. You can blow dry after that or let it dry naturally. You can also apply it on damp or semi-damp hair.

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