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7 Ways to Maintain Beauty During Pregnancy

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pregnant Belly (For illustration purposes only)
Other than health care and nutrition, pregnant women should also care for their face and body to look good all the time. However there is no need to overdo the effort. Stick to wearing moisturizer and body lotion regularly.

Want to know more details on tips of staying beautiful during pregnancy? Follow this guide.

1. Exercise Regularly 
With regular exercise your body will be healthy and fresh and will help prevent the body from becoming too fat when pregnant. If you diligently exercise during pregnancy, it will also make the heart work more effectively to allow smoother blood flow to the fetus. Take simple and light exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga and stretching for expectant mothers. 

2. Cosmetics
Any make-up or cosmetics that you use may not feel right on your skin, because during pregnancy the skin becomes more sensitive. If there is a problem on the skin, it is best to see a dermatologist to find a remedy.

3. Nutrition and Vitamins 
Take a variety of fresh fruit juices which contain a lot of Vitamin C, as this helps the absorption of iron which insulates the blood from anemia. Pregnant women should be smart enough to control their diet, by eating less amount of food for each meal but eating more often to prevent nausea due to an empty stomach. 

4. Facial Treatment 
During pregnancy, your face will produce more oil on the cheeks, nose and chin which can cause the growth of acne. Clean your face with a cleanser and toner milk at least twice a day. 

5. Plenty Of Rest 
Take time to relax during the day, and use that time to listen to soft music, read a book, relax or sleep. This will help loosen some tense nerves, so you come back refreshed. 

6. Showering Regularly 
Pregnant women will often experience more sweat. Try to take a shower at least twice a day on a regular basis. When the body becomes fresh and cool after shower, you will sleep more comfortably. After showering, apply a body lotion that does not contain olive oil so that the oil rate is not too high on the body.

7. Dental Care 
During pregnancy you will often experience nausea and vomiting. Be sure to clean and refresh your mouth each time after you vomit. Do not leave your mouth uncleaned as the odour may be repulsive to those talking or standing close to you.

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