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How to Strengthen Finger Nails

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Healthy and strong finger nails reflect how well we take care of our nails and hands. Weak and brittle fingernails are most often due to neglect. By protecting fingernails from environmental damage and taking time to moisturize nails, anyone can have stronger fingernails.

1. Wear gloves while washing the dishes, cleaning the floors and doing other chores where your nails are exposed to water and harsh cleaning agents. Water dries out and weakens your nails.

2. Use tools to accomplish tasks where you would normally use your finger nails out of habit. Finger nails aren't scissors, pliers or toothpicks.

3. Try touching up your nail polish more often instead of entirely removing your polish every time you want to fix a nail. Nail polish remover dries out your nails leaving them brittle and weak.

4. Provide your nails with lots of extra moisture. No matter how careful you are, your nails will get dried out during the course of daily life. Try messaging cuticle or olive oil into your nails and cuticles. For extra dry nails, put moisturizer on hands at night, concentrating on the finger nail area. Then put on cotton gloves over the moisturizer. Remove in the morning and enjoy softer hands and stronger nails.

5. Try using a nail hardener. This is a product you apply like a nail polish that is supposed to help protect and strengthen your nails.

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