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How to Foil Eye Makeup

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eye Foiling aka wet application is a technique that is intended to use some kind of metal to give eyes a more dramatic look. It is most often used for nighttime makeup, although some also use it during the day. While foiling typically includes metallic, shimmer, glimmer, or glitter eye shadows and liners, it is also possible to use the same technique with any loose or caked eye shadow that can be mixed with water. MAC pigments as far as I know, is good for foiling... Why apply them wet? Applying your eyeshadows wet intensifies the color, making it look so much more vibrant as well as lasting longer as oppose to it dry, giving you a look that lasts all day! Wet a flat eye-shadow brush with water and then dip or swirl it into the eye-color set chosen. Make sure the color is well-mixed by swiping it against a piece of wax paper. Then, apply to your eyelid from lash to crease. Let the makeup dry thoroughly before moving on to the next shade. There are perhaps many methods people use when foiling their eyeshadows. There is no right or wrong way, just whichever method works for you.

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