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How I Clean My Makeup Synthetic Brushes

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cleaning your makeup brushes is necessary to keep them clean and in the best shape. I know, there are many products available to clean your makeup brushes. But for me, I have my own way to clean my makeup brushes. Cleaning makeup brushes can be a hassle for me although it doesn't require much time and effort. But still brushes should be cleaned regularly to help prevent build-up of bacteria and makeup residue and to remain in the best shape for a longer period of time.

Here's how I clean my makeup synthetic brushes:

1. Let it soak in luke warm water and wash with soap (any kind of soap will do or even shampoo). Then let it air dry.

After the cleaning, I lay them flat on a towel, or tissue, or something so it won't soak the table. It should be dried within a few hour.

2. Soak in nail polish remover with acetone and then wash with flowing water. Then let it air dry. (Please do not follow if you're not sure!!)

I'm not sure whether anyone of you have tried using nail polish remover because from my experience, I've been using it for quite sometimes already and it ended up with clean brushes.

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