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Stage Shadow Blender Brush

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I just bought this shadow blender brush (TB6103-01) few days ago from Stage by accident (bought it for RM75/-). It's a good brush though for blending. Somehow, I really need it at the moment for some reason. Usually, I will go to MAC (my #1 favourite) but I don't know why this time I just wanna try something new because for me, I believe every brand has its own strength and weaknesses. Stage is quite new to me. I'm so curious about it and I decided to drop by to see what they have. I have talked to the friendly girl at the cosmetic counter just to dig some information from her about Stage. For those of you who don't know what is Stage all about, it is actually a new local cosmetics brand that is presently available in a number of cities around Malaysia and in Singapore and soon Brunei. In Kuching, you will find Stage at The Spring. Or, you can visit their website at There is some ongoing promotion going on there now. Just go to any Stage outlet and check it out!!

About Stage shadow blender brush:
"The Shadow Blender brush is crafted from a combination of Squirrel and Pony hair with soft, medium-length bristles. Also known as the crease brush or poly-tail brush; this brush is tapered tot a slight point and is ideal for the eyelid crease. Longer and loose bristles' allow lighter layering of colour and blending control."

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