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Choosing the Right Red Lipstick Color For Your Skin Tone

Monday, May 16, 2011

When worn properly, red lipstick can make a lady look and feel sensual, feminine and sexy! However, if you happen to choose the wrong shade of red you can end up looking more like a clown than a vixen. So, be careful when choosing the right red lipstick for your skin tone.

How To Test Lipstick Properly

Trying the lipstick on is the best way to see how it looks. Attempting to rub it on your hand to test the shade is pretty pointless, as it will always look different on your lips.

Skin Tone Considerations

To start with, be sure you pick shades of red that complement and work with your skin tone. Your skin tone is either warm or cool, with cool skin tones often being paler and full of pink undertones. Warm skin tones are most often darker olive shades, with blue undertones.

If your skin is a cool tone, be sure to look for reds with pink undertones. Many reds come in shades of Berry, Blackberry, Brick or Plum, which are ideal for cool toned ladies. Red with blue undertones are also known to have a visually whitening effect on your teeth, which is always a plus.

If your skin is a warm tone, look for reds with yellow undertones. Many times you'll find flattering red lipsticks in orange shades, warm shades, tomato red shades, brown based shades, golden shades or tawny shades.

The Way To Wear Red Lipstick

While wearing the perfect red lipstick can make you look like a super sexy vixen in any outfit, it's important not to go overboard with the rest of your makeup when you choose red for your lips. Don't try to do a dramatic eye with shadow or overdo it on blush. Pair your red lips with neutral eye shadows, black mascara and thin liner. Add in a little blush that has the same undertone colors of your lipstick, but take it light. You can add a little glamour to your face with highlighter. You can select red lipstick in the evening to feel glamorous. You can also choose to wear it for daytime hours but make sure it's not too heavy and less dark. To make it less heavy and less dark, you can apply your favorite red lipstick lightly over a sheer gloss.

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