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How to Choose Makeup Colors

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Makeup colors come in 'warm' and 'cool' tones. Choosing the right ones for yourself are of the utmost importance because if you choose the wrong set of tones, your skin will end up looking washed out. Choosing the right tones can help to make your skin look brighter. Let's put it like this: some people can wear dark red or bright purple clothing and pull it off with ease, while other people simply can't do it. It's the same way with your makeup. Here is one good way to decide whether you should be wearing warm or cool tones. It is probably the easiest way to determine which you should be using.

Cool Colors
Without getting tested for your skin tone at a cosmetics counter, you can take a good guess based upon your skin coloring, hard, and eyes. If your skin tone is olive colored, a rosy brown, light rosy brown, fair but rosy, or medium rosy, chances are high that you should use cool colors. If your hair is black, blonde, or any brown save golden brown, and if your eyes are green, blue, or hazel, you should probably be wearing cool colors. 

Warm Colors
If you have a golden skin tone, or a medium to fair skin tone, you will probably want to opt for warm colors. If your hair is golden brown, red, or strawberry blonde, with hazel, dark brown, or light brown eyes, you will probably want to opt for warm colors. This (along with what we mentioned about the cool colors) works well for everything save two important pieces of makeup: eyeshadow, and face powder.

What about Eyeshadow? 
With eyeshadow, it all really depends on how dark or light your skin is. If you have skin that falls within the darker range, you will want to opt for light colors. A bright pink, silver, or even white would be fantastic choices for you. If your skin falls within the lighter range, you will want to opt go with darker colors. Good choices would be browns, medium-colored purples, a dark blue, or even a smokey eye kind of look if you know how to properly do it. Those people who have tan or olive colored skin should use purple or pink colorings for the best results.

What About Face Powder? 
Face powder should be chosen in an exact shade that very nearly matches your natural skin tone. If you want a bit of extra color, you can go one shade up from your original match, or just simply add a bit of bronzer to your cheek bones, forehead, nose, and chin. If you would like to look a little more 'porcelain' than you already are, you can go one shade lighter than your original color. It is highly inadvisable to go any higher or lower than one single shade, however, because then you will only end up looking ‘fake’. It’s definitely worth putting some extra effort into finding the right foundation, as it ties everything together.

This should help you to choose the proper colors for all pieces of makeup you find yourself needing. If you stick to your proper color choices, we can guarantee you that you will notice an immediate difference over when you picked your colors out on a whim. I hope that these makeup tips will also make it a little bit easier to figure out which colors you should use!

Author Bio: Amanda is a skin care fanatic and author of hailing from the progressive city of Minneapolis. Aside from exploring the latest trends in cosmetics, Amanda loves to travel and one day dreams of visiting The Great Wall of China. Questions or comments for Amanda? Feel free to reach out to her @Skincare_HQ on Twitter!

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